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Tian Shi Group is a big company in the world. Tian shi can be the second company what fastest developt after Microsoft. Thats because Tian Shi use Multi Level Marketing to introduce their products.
Founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China, Tiens Group Co., Ltd. ("Tiens Group") entered the international market in 1998, was successfully listed on NASDAQ in September 2003, and formally entered into the AMEX in April 2005. TIENS is a multinational group specializing in retail, tourism, finance, international trade and E-business. With a business covering over 190 countries and regions, TIENS has subsidiaries or branches in 110 countries and regions, and has established strategic alliances with world-class enterprises from over 20 countries. By developing health food, health care, beauty care and home care products, Tiens Group offers a high quality lifestyle with health, happiness, beauty and affluence to over 12 million consumers worldwide.


Tiens Products & benefit There are 13 kinds of Tianshi products that are marketed in Indonesia from more than 100 kinds of products that are marketed around the world. Everything is in the form of nutrition, food or supplement (Supplement foods) that have the functionality beyond medicine. To cure the disease is done by combining the 13 kinds of food is nutrition. Tiens products made from natural materials, using prescription drugs china thousands of years ago, but processed with the use of modern biotechnology. Therefore all the nutrition products Tiens safe to be consumed each day in accordance with the needs that you want to achieve in the use of this nutrient.

1. High Calcium Nutrient Powder I Functionality: Prevent Osteoporosis Prevent heart disease Menormalkan blood pressure To overcome the complaints of cramps and towards the menopase Overcoming cramps, lumbago, hemorrhoids, rheumatism Minimizing the depreciation bone during pregnancy / breastfeeding Reduce the risk of colon cancer Overcome the feet, hands dry and broken pieces Restoring passion, which decreased sex Prevent and treat diseases in the nervous system.

DEPKES: BML 862709007156 Contents: 10 grams x 10 bag / box Use Rules: Be with 1 cup warm water (not with hot water) Light disease: 1 x 1/hari Illness: 2 x 1 / day

2. Hyperglycemia High Calcium Powder II For people with Diabetes Very good to have the disease Diabetes. It has been proven cure this disease. Functionality: To activate the pancreas Reducing sugar in the body

DEPKES : BML 862709010156Isi: 10 gram x 10 bag/box Aturan Pakai : Diseduh dengan 1 gelas air hangat (jangan dengan air panas)Penyakit Ringan : 1 x 1/hariPenyakit Berat : 2 x 1/ hari

3. Children High Calcium Nutrient Powder III For children Functionality: Helping mineralisasi teeth Prevent bleeding root of the tooth Helping the growth of the brain, nervous transmission, the power of vision children Improve intelligence children

DEPKES: BML 862709012156 Contents: 10 grams x 10 bag / box Use Rules: Day 1 x 1, the water can be warm (not hot water

4. Calcium Chewable tablets For adults and children Functionality: Same as above only in the way of them are different. This is not to be chewed. It feels good, sweet strawberry

DEPKES: BML 862709011156 Contents: 1.2 grams x 60 tablets / bottle Use Rules: 3 x 1-2 tablets / day

5. Zinc Supplement Cream Function substances zinc As a catalyst biochemistry reactions in the human body Activate various enzymes and proteins participate in the compound Increase metabolism and hormone Due to lack of oxygen zinc Growth hampered Sex hormone disruption (disfungsi sexual) Hair fall and kebotakan Hampered wound healing And take the heat Disabled Content Low intelligence Acne / skin disease Lack of appetite

DEPKES: BML 862709006156 Contents: 0.25 g x 60 capsule / bottle Use Rules: Children: 2 x day, 1-2 capsule Adult: Day 2 x, 2-3 capsule

6. Antilipemic Tea Composition: Gynostemma pentaphylum, polygonum multiflorum, Cassiatora seeds, lotus leaf and green tea. Functionality: Destroy and discard the fat from the body of poisons Reduce acid nerves, the rate of fat and cholesterol in the blood Weight loss Strengthening the lives Via blood circulation To stabilize blood pressure Preventing heat in

DEPKES: BML 862709005156 Contents: 1.5 grams x 40 bag / box Minor Sachet 1 x 1 / day Care heavy 2 x 1 Sachet / day Use Rules: Be with hot water Not suitable for children


Diskripsi above are some of the products minutes. In My Opinion, Tianshi offer quality products that modern treatment. Many sources that I read on the Internet about the personal experience of consumers minutes. all is very Tiens said that the extraordinary. Here I will try to show that some people have been using the product Tianshi
  • Acid nerves & cholesterol

Name: Yusep Kontinius, SH

Age: 36 Years

Address: Jl. R.A. No Kosasih. 54, Sukabumi, Java BaratPada 1996,

I do Medical Check-up in the hospital. MMC Jakarta, the results from the laboratory that very surprising to me is the rate trigliseride 468mg/dl (normal dibawah150mg/dl), and the rate of uric acid 9.0 mg / dl (normal 3-6mg/dl). In early 1997 the pain that I very, complemented swelling on the base of the left thumb until I can not road, after the doctor examined my diagnosanya affected one type of disease called rheumatism GAUT then treated with the following rest for 1 week and then I can back roads. Genesis is repeatedly the difference between 3-6 months plus the condition that "easy stubborn sore" (incident last, 10 days after taking drugs, new roads can), this event continues to leave the doctor that I handle. In July 2001, pain such as the above repeated again. But this time I consume Antilipemic Tea and draw to the four-day fact I can walk again, this time until Deli pain is not attacked again, hopefully forever.

LATEST INNOVATION FROM TIANSTianshi has launched new products such as Product PUPUK GOLDEN Harvest and TIENS Lubricants (oils Vehicles). Meanwhile, oil and fertilizers is still in the stage production but you can memesannya from now on Tiens Bussines Center in 39 or dikota your nearest stockist. To know the price and description details, see the PRODUCT INNOVATION.



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